As a church we have been blessed with our facility and want it to be a blessing to our community. If you are interested in using any of the spaces in our facility, fill out the form below. Please note that all RiverTree Lake events and ministries will take first priority in the facilities use. By submitting this form you are allowing us to evaluate if your request is possible. If we have more questions we will contact you upon your form submission.


Q: Is there a time that the building is unavailable?
A: We do not allow anyone in the building after 4pm on Saturdays or before 2pm on Sundays.
Q: Is there a cost for using the facility?
A: This will be decided on a case by case basis dependent upon the size of the group, additional staff hours needed for cleanup/service needs, and extra cleanup required. (Most common deposit is $100)
Q: Are there any rooms that are off limits?
A: We do not allow use of the sanctuary except in rare cases. Storage rooms are also off limits.
Q: Will someone set up and tear down for me?
A: We can provide set up and tear down for an additional fee and at the discretion of our facilities manager.